Rysenia Capital Solutions

We Help Small Businesses that Need Help with Financing

Rysenia Capital Solutions, LLC provides comprehensive business practice consulting services that help small business owners and managers create and implement effective strategies to ensure a company’s long-term financial health. We gain a thorough understanding of the financial situation vis-à-vis communications with our client and the bank. We are then resolute in our approach to solving those issues. Rysenia is focused on Debt Placement services, but also provides other professional services.


  • Debt Financing – Rysenia is not a direct lender but has proven and effective methods for identifying New Debt Financing as well as Refinancing of Current Debt for our clients.
  • Loan Workouts/Debt Restructuring/Troubled Asset Management – Rysenia works with and assists clients that are experiencing financial difficulties and deteriorating relationships with their lending institution(s). We can help the loan “workout” process by effectively managing negotiations and communication with the existing lender.  Rysenia will actively develop and implement a viable and amicable workout strategy, while protecting the viability and stability of the client’s interest and business.
  • Financial Assessment – Rysenia can draw upon its years of extensive accounting, audit and banking experience to develop models, budgets, controls and management tools that assist both the client and lending institutions. Rysenia can assist our clients with their existing or new lender in analyzing historical and future operating performance, building 13/26/52 week cash flow models, collateral position, balance sheet prognosis, receivable collectability, inventory assessment, and the like.
  • Turnaround Management Assistance – Rysenia does not “take-over” the day-to-day operations of our clients, but, we can however, advise our clients on best practices based upon demonstrated experiences, to help our clients who may be in need of some rehabilitation for the on-going viability of the business, as well as to satisfy a request from its lending institution. We can work with our client’s creditors on cash flow management matters for those clients who are experiencing stressful cash flow challenges jeopardizing vendor relationships.
  • Tax Resolution Representation – Rysenia can deal directly with the IRS and State/Local taxing authorities in handling the development and implementation of repayment installment agreements, Offers in Compromise, settlements and penalty abatement. Rysenia has extensive experience with the taxing authorities to negotiate levy releases, handle audit representation, Trust Fund Penalty negotiations, lien releases, and withdraw and subordination issues.
  • Business Valuations – Rysenia has the resources to effectively consummate business valuations for our clients and the bank. Rysenia provides valuations for a wide variety of operating entities and holding companies of varying sizes ranging from proprietorships with annual sales of $1 million to corporate entities with sales up to $50 million. We also do estate/gift tax valuations and transaction based valuations for both buyers and sellers, fairness opinions, managerial planning and forecasting valuation analysis and valuations for all types of financing requests.


Geography is not a limitation for RCS. With offices in Michigan and Ohio, RCS has a strong Midwestern presence, but has worked on engagements from California to Rhode Island.

RCS’s reputation is built upon a foundation of teamwork with its constituents, open and frequent communication, and successful outcomes.

Rysenia Capital Solutions, LLC